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Window Works is proud to use the highest quality products and source all of our materials from well-known and reputable manufacturers, such as:

Marvin is a premier manufacturer of quality windows and doors. It manufactures both wood and wood clad products that feature cutting-edge design, advanced functionality, innovation, and ENERGY STAR requirements. Established in 1912, the Marvin family has been an industry leader whose success is founded on the core values of honesty, efficiency, and innovation.

Window Works is the exclusive Marvin window and door dealer in Ottawa. Marvin is our primary manufacturer that offers a palette of traditional and contemporary designs along with quality materials and excellent service.


A Marvin family collection that offers efficiency and high performance! These windows and doors are made with Ultrex, a pultruded fibreglass that outperforms vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fibreglass composites.


A member of the Marvin Family of Brands devoted to offering high-quality fibreglass replacement windows and doors! A high-performing, energy-efficient product line designed with superior materials!


TruStile is transforming interior design with high quality, made-to-order, well-designed interior doors.


The incomparable quality of a product built by an artisan’s hand is a tradition that we cherish since 1947. We offer PVC windows, Hybrid windows and many door products.


Certified by ENERGY STAR, Dalmen offers a collection that is a result of modern and evolving manufacturing process and innovative product design.


Velux has been in the industry for over 70 years, providing home design and interior solutions using high-quality products.

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