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A Guide to Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

A picture of a living room with huge windows.

If you've ever browsed a home decor or interior design magazine, you've likely noticed they all have one common element: these dream houses usually have an abundance of natural light.

Do you have small, dark, or drafty windows? Bringing more natural light into your home with new ones can help boost your mood and enhance the look of your space.

If it's time for a window upgrade you might wonder where to start. We're here to help by going over common window materials, styles, and more.

The Different Window Materials

Windows come in various materials, and some might suit your home better than others.

Aluminum frames are resilient and lightweight. They're often used in larger windows. One benefit of aluminum is that it's low maintenance.

That said, aluminum isn't very energy efficient, and it doesn't help much with insulation. It's not often recommended for homes in colder climates.

Vinyl windows are an affordable choice made from PVC, which also makes them low maintenance. Vinyl is durable and makes a decent insulator.

Fibreglass frames can last around 40 years, making them the longest-lasting option on this list. This material is exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather.

Wood window has character and appeal. As such, it's often considered a favourite among homeowners, especially those who live in homes with a classic look. Having aluminum or fibreglass on the exterior (available in many colours), allows for a maintenance free exterior

Composite frames are made from a combination of materials. It's designed to be more durable and lower maintenance.

Window Designs

Did you know that exposure to natural light helps you improve Vitamin D levels? Considering many Canadians deal with Vitamin D deficiency, now might be the perfect time to open up your home and install bigger windows.

However, is bigger necessarily better?

The second factor to consider when picking home windows is the style. You can choose from many different types of windows, including the following:

  • Single-hung window

  • Double-hung window

  • Bay window

  • Awning window

  • Bow window

  • Picture window

  • Casement window

  • Skylight window

  • Specialty window

Choosing the right style window enhances the look of your home and improves your curb appeal.

Some styles have a contemporary look, while others suit historic-looking homes. If you're not sure what you want, look at examples in magazines, online galleries, or in a showroom. You should also consider whether you're interested in the latest trends. For example, arched windows are popular right now.

Of course, we understand that it's hard to picture the perfect window in your home. It can be tough to picture how a style will look without the right virtual tools or advice. That's why we offer free consultations. We have the experience to guide you through your options and help you choose a look you'll love.

Windows & Doors Solution in Ottawa & Surrounding Areas

You have many options for windows these days when it comes to window materials and styles. We hope this brief guide can help you choose. Book your free consultation today, we'd be happy to help. We have a variety of premium windows and doors from different brands, including Marvin.

Window Works has been helping customers like you since 1986 in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier and Cumberland, West Carleton, Osgoode, Rideau, and Goulbourn.

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